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Montevideo, March 20th – 31st, 2024



  1. Aim – The International Film Festival of Uruguay aims to create and raise interest in cinema by introducing worthwhile films to a massive audience, making a positive contribution to the artistic forms of film and video, and stimulating intelligent film-viewing among the general public. It also aims to present films of merit which might not be otherwise shown in this region, to gain attention and publicity for the films screened and to assist in their wider distribution in this region. Its central purpose is to be a framework for meetings and discussions of regional projects of relevance and to promote better understanding among people and nations through the film medium.


  1. Organization – The Festival is organized by Cinemateca Uruguaya, a member of FIAF (Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film). The Festival is independent and awards shall be granted by a Jury of Critics and by the audience.


  1. Sections – The Festival has three main sections: Competition, Panorama, Focus & Retrospectives, with its correspondent subsections: a) International Full Length Film Competition, b) Iberoamerican Full Length Film Competition, c) New Directors Film Competition d) Human Rights Film Competition e) International Short Film Competition, f) Uruguayan Short Film Competition, g) International Full Length Film Panorama, h) Short films panorama g) Young Audience International Competition. Some retrospectives of filmmakers and countries will also be presented. Other competitive and non-competitive categories may be set up if the organization team deems it suitable and relevant. Films eligible for such sections will be duly notified.


Films wishing to compete must have been finished after January 1st, 2023. It is possible to submit films that were previously selected by other festivals, provided that their screening has taken place elsewhere than Uruguay. It is important to remark that the screening at the 42nd International Film Festival must be the Uruguayan premiere of the selected films. Therefore, the screening of the film in any other film festival or public screening of any kind in Uruguayan territory will be an impediment for the participation in the 42nd INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF URUGUAY. However, the Festival Direction reserves its right to invite films that do not fit this requirement to participate in any non-competitive special screenings.


  1. Registrations – In addition to those films whose participation shall be expressly requested, national or international organizations, TV channels, Producer Associations and independent producers from Latin America as well as from other continents are encouraged to submit their films. October 31st, 2023 is the deadline for the reception of registrations. The registration form must be completed online. It is mandatory to submit an online screener of the film that should not expire prior to April 1st, 2024. The screener of the film must be English or Spanish subtitled.
    IFF of Uruguay does not charge any fee for submitting films.


  1. Language – If the film is selected to be screened at our festival, it is not imperative, but it is desirable that the screening copies are Spanish-subtitled. Should this not be the case, the screening copies should be accompanied by a digital file containing the list of texts or dialogues in Spanish or English. If the film is spoken either in French or Portuguese it is desirable that the registrant provide a transcription of the dialogue list both in its original language and in English. Our Festival does not accept films dubbed into Spanish.


  1. Screenings – Screenings on occasion of the Festival would take place in Montevideo from March 20th to 31st, 2024. Each film would have a maximum of three screenings along the Festival.


  1. Delivery – Once a film is accepted for screening in the Festival, the deadline for the reception of screening copies is March 1st, 2024. The Festival will provide a FTP server link to upload the exhibition copy. Other digital digital transfer methods are accepted.
    All transfer charges must be covered by the submitter.


  1. Information and publicity materials – The Festival needs to receive promotional material on every film selected for screening (press books, film stills, posters, filmmaker’s photos and short bio, synopsis, trailers). This is required for offering the Uruguayan audience and the national and international press accurate information on each film and for giving the film the required promotion.


  1. Awards – The Festival Jury of each competition shall award a First Prize to the Best Film and any honorable mentions the Jury may recommend. The Audience Award shall be decided by the audiences of all the screenings during the whole festival.


  1. Itinerant exhibition – The Festival will be allowed to include selected films in its itinerant exhibitions only with the previous consent of its directors, duly expressed in the signed application form.


  1. General dispositions – The registration or participation of a film implies the full acceptance of these conditions. The Festival Direction shall decide on cases not foreseen under the present regulation.